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Intuitive Clarifications
         Natasha Venter

Guiding You To New Knowings

 It is AWAYS my intention

to hold an open space of

Love & Kindness with You

in every session!

Multi life Intuitive

Medium ~ Energy Seer

Life Advisor

 In harmony with my Spiritual Team I, Natasha Venter 

bring awareness to the Consciousness of Life through my
multiple lifetimes of being a Spiritual Counselor and 

an Intuitive Medium. 


My Spiritual Team of Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Guides, and I can also assist you to evolve beyond ‘truths’ which no longer fit your life by sharing insightful perspectives.

Being an Energy Seer of many understandings, I use intuitive tools to help

you clear any blockages keeping you stuck in sorrows, grief, negative thoughts and self talk.


I invite you to allow my life purpose to help you move towards a more enlightened self.

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Upcoming Events

I am excited as my domain name Angelic Clarifications is now Intuitive Clarifications. 


Wednesdays Live at 4pm PST "Intuitive Clarifications with Natasha".   

Tune in and ask good questions. Watch live or anytime on YouTube - Facebook  - Instagram 


7/14/24   Listen Live as I join Martha on 'Martha Norwalk's Animal World'

9-12 am PST on     

Call in with questions (425) 373-5527 or 1-888-298-KKNW

7/20/24 Mind, Body, Spirit Fair Bellingham WA 10 ~4pm 


7/22/24  Heal From Within Series  Free online event


"I have worked with Natasha over the past 5 years in a few different ways. First of all her gifts have been very helpful in my life. This last experience we had together was for some past life/dna healing. I honestly didn't know what to expect. Trusting Natasha, I figured why not. I have been stuck in  a spot of lack of love for myself and I wanted to break that barrier, some how break through the bondage that's been holding me in stagnate in my life. After my session I felt a major shift with in me. Later that week while on a visit with my dad it was remarkably how his treatment toward me had improved. It seemed because I was holding myself with more love that others were doing the same. My boundaries were being respected and no one was intentionally trying to poke my buttons. I highly recommend Natasha for any of your healing needs."

Michele R.


Natasha has helped me...

 "Natasha has helped me with many parts of my life; I am grateful for this wisdom! The way she is connected to the spiritual realm and us as humans is inspiring to be with. I feel I know myself better." Mary 


Spiritual Knowings

" I have spent my life studying and researching spiritual and metaphysical matters and Natasha is one of the few psychic readers who I have found who is directly connected to the higher angelic forces and who provides valuable life information which is not in any way corrupted by her personal views. It is rare to find such a truly gifted reader who is so well connected."  Ron 


Cross Roads

 "I came to be with Natasha at some big cross roads in my life! She saw my emotions were the one thing that I was hiding me from my new spiritual beginning. She also bright up how other personal moments were able to be looked at differently. The way she showed me a way to interact with these parts of me has consciously blessed me and others in my life as I see the ripple effect of these emotions do effect others too. I am also grateful for the loving way she interacted with me. Thank you for all you do Natasha!"

Precious  M. 


"Natasha's gifts of grace, love, and guidance was a the thing I needed to be with as I was going through a questioning time n my life. My uncertainty turned into certainty as we had my session. 

Your knowings, as she called them have continually helped my to trust mine!"

N. K. 

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